News 6/30

If you had just let us book you a trip a few weeks ago, you could have ridden Space Mountain with Bruce Willis, but noooooo, you procrastinated.

If you enjoyed the “Wench Auction” at Pirates of the Caribbean, and, really, who doesn’t, you better get down there and see it while you can.

If you’re down about the lack of wench auctioning, here’s some happy for you.  A group of military families dealing with cancer are going to Disney World for the Fourth of July.  The trip was organized by the USO, American Airlines, and Disney.

Here is a primer on how to avoid buying fake Disney World tickets.  Our suggestion, skip the article, just buy from us.  Bet these guys wish they had been here before they met Branden Bullerin.  Maybe 13 tickets for $1000 should have been a red flag.

Disney will steam “The Music of Pixar Live” at 7:55 on this Thursday.  You can watch it here.  Or, you can book a trip and see it live in person.  We definitely recommend the latter.


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